ARE YOU READY FOR WINTER?….here are some tips


With tough weather hitting our friends and neighbors hard in Buffalo,

winter isn’t too far away. But are you ready?

*Have your furnace serviced

*Have your chimney inspected

*Large generators should be serviced annually while smaller ones should be tested.

  Never run them in the garage or too close to the house.

*Clean out the gutters

*Cut tree limbs back and clean up yard debris

*Cover AC units to protect from damage

*Turn off exterior spigots and drain the supply lines

*Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  Replace any detectors that are over 10 years old

*Inspect the roof and have any damage repaired

*Insulate supply lines that go through cold areas such as basements, attics & crawl spaces

*If your house will be unattended for an extended period during cold weather, shut off water and drain supply lines.

  Also arrange for a friend or neighbor to check on your home while you are away

We hope you have a safe and warm winter.